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Volno vyhlášené ředitelem školy

Ve dnech 31.10. 2019 a 01.11. 2019 je volno pro žáky vyhlášené ředitelem školy. ...více

FabLab Experience

FabLab Experience

SZaŠ Rajhrad, p.o. Masarykova 198 664 61 Rajhrad ve spolupráci s Jihomoravský inov...více

Naši zahradníci na mistrovství ČR opět vítězí!

Naši zahradníci na mistrovství ČR opět vítězí!

Ve dnech 9. – 10. října 2019 proběhl již 26. ročník mezinárodní soutěže v odborných dovednostech ob...více

Adventní a vánoční floristický seminář

Adventní a vánoční floristický seminář

Zaměřený na získání praktických dovedností v oblasti adventní a vánoční floristiky Vhodný p...více

Profesní kvalifikace a kurzy pro zájemce

Další vzdělávání Střední zahradnická škola Rajhrad, p.o. Adventní a vánoční floristika ...více

Ubytování pro školní rok 2019/2020

Nástup k ubytování na domov mládeže pro školní rok 2019/2020 je 01. 09. 2019 od 17.00 hod. do 21.0...více

Home page

Dear pupils, dear parents,

Let me welcome you to the official web pages of the educational institution

Secondary School of Horticulture Rajhrad,
which will celebrate the 115th anniversary of its founding in 2016.

Our school is the biggest horticultural school in the South Moravian region and it ranks among major gardening schools in the Czech Republic.


It provides the general public with a wide offer of educational and other horticultural services.The training programs taught in this school are linked to each other so they enable pupils to choose from a large and at the same time integrated offer of our school. Great advantage of this wide offer is its transmittance, which means the pupils might more easily change their chosen study branch within their curriculum how it corresponds to their needs and abilities development.

In respect of the fact that our school has a close cooperation with horticulture schools within the European Union and that it concerns the school with a rich and long-standing tradition, high quality educational and training results plus our future graduates fair perspective of further exercise and use on our and European employment market, I am convinced that our school educational institution does retain a unique place among not only South Moravian schools.

This school is well-known as one of a few educational institutions in the sphere of secondary schools being engaged in marginalized pedagogical work with specific learning disorders pupils.

Following the call of WFRS (World Federation of Rose Societies) a National collection of roses was created on the school premises) About 220 varieties of roses have been collected so far.

For the school year of 2014/2015 we are offering basic school leavers a four-year study completed with a school-leaving exam, a three-year apprenticeship study, as well as a two-year follow-up study. I do believe you will select from our wide educational offer some line of study which will attract your attention and interest and which will help you to make a suitable career.

In order to allow you to come and see and to find out with your own eyes, to size up the situation and to make a comparison, we are organizing for the general public presentations where prospective students will obtain further information:

open days

  • 15.11. - 16.11.2019    9.00 - 18.00 hod.
  • 29.11. - 30.11.2019    9.00 - 18.00 hod.
  • 11.12. - 15.12.2019    9.00 - 18.00 hod. (Christmas exhibition)
  • 10.01. - 11.01.2020    9.00 - 18.00 hod.

Visits to our school can also be arranged on telephone numbers:

  • +420 547 426 311
  • +420 547 428 204

or by e-mail:

Looking forward to seeing all of you.
Inviting you on behalf of our staff,

PaedDr. Marek Kňažík,

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