Natural Science Lycée

Duration:4 years
Basic conditions for admission:For pupils from elementary schools who meet the criteria for  admission;
medical capability.
Field of education is for:girls and boys
Conclusion:School leaving examination – A-levels
Provided training:secondary education with A-levels
Recieved certificates:certificate of A-levels
drivers license  B or T (for a fee)

Characteristics of the course - field of education with A-levels

The studies are focussed on general compulsory subjects from the field of natural sciences. The course is suitable for applicants who intend to continue with their studies at a college or university and are interested in botany, human biology and chemistry. At the same time, the field-specific and vocational subjects prepare the graduates for practical living and finding employment in a society complying with the strategy of sustainable development.

Asserting of graduates

The Natural Science Lycée is designed as a general-specific natural science course with a higher proportion of general education
and a considerable representation of those fields of education, whose content and working methods contribute to the development
of applied thinking in the area of biology and chemistry. Special attention is paid to language education.

First of all, the Natural Science Lycée graduate is prepared for further studies at colleges and universities, especially the faculties
of science, medicine, biology, agriculture, food processing, chemistry, pedagogy and others.

The Natural Science Lycée graduate attains the competence needed for finding employment in laboratories and biotechnological departments of the manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceutical industries as well as in agriculture and forestry, in their research and inspectional departments, in the areas of breeding, experimenting and consulting for biotechnology, ecology and agriculture, and also in the state administration dealing with environment and landscape protection.