Horticulture – follow-up study

Charakteristis of the course - field of education with A-levels

KKOV: 41-44-L/51
Duration: 2 years
Basic conditions for admission: for Secondary vocational apprentice school graduates
medical capability
Field of education: girls and boys
Conclusion: A-levels
Provided training: secondary education with A-levels
Received certificates: A-levels certificate

Characteristics of the course - field of education with A-levels

This course is focused on expanding of knowledge and skills in vocational and general subjects . Teaching is extended to study of landscape design, design and maintenance of green areas and environmental protection

Asserting of graduates

Graduate is ready to work in any horticultural firm, to do binding and arranging , to work as an flower arranger, to work for protection of environment in Floristś, etc. He may also apply for studies at a higher vocational school or universities.