Charakteristis of the course - field of education with A-levels

Duration:4 years
Basic conditions for admission:

for pupils from elementary school meet the criteria fod admission;

medical capability

Field of education is for:girls and boys
Conclusion:school leaving examination – A-levels
Provided training:secondary education with A-levels
Received certificates:certificate of A-levels
drivers lecense B or T (free)
motor bike (for a fee)

Characteristics of the course - field of education with A-levels

The content of education is set up so that students can successfully perform activities that defines the profile of a graduate. After passing graduation exams they may also apply for studies at higher vocational schools or universities. The basic training curriculum enables students to acquire greater knowledge and necessary skills and general habits, logical thinking and good work methods. Vocational curriculum is designed in such a way that graduates manage and orient in a new technical, technological and economic conditions. The curriculum is focused and designed to meet the requirements of horticultural practices and labor market demands.

Asserting of graduates

Graduate of this course may work as a horticultural technician, an employee in business services, flower arranger, he may work in the environment business, land register offices, a businessman in horticultural services, etc.