with certificate of apprenticeship

Charakteristis of the course

KKOV: 41-52-H01
Duration: 3 years
Basic condition for admission: for students from elementary schools
medical capability
Field for: girls and boys
Conclusion: final exam with certificate of apprenticeship
Provided training: secondary education with certificate of apprenticeship
Received certificates: certificate of apprenticeship
drivers licence B (for fee)

Characteristics of the course

Acquiring of basic tasks in all areas of gardening – vegetable-growing, floriculture, fruit-growing, park culture, binding and flower arranging. Propagation, planting, care, fertilization and pest protection in greenhouses and in open ground. Implementation of landscaping , modification and maintenance. Making of binding products. Basic knowledge of business and leadership of small horticultural company.

Asserting of graduates

This course prepares graduates for profession – gardener. Successful graduates can apply for admission to postgraduate studies – follow-up study. The others are accepted in companies engaged in horticultural activities or companies trading with flowers and gardening gear and equipment.