Ecology and environment

Charakteristis of the course - field of education with A-levels

Duration:4 years
Basic conditions for admission:For students from Elementary schools who meet the criteria for admission;
Medical capability
Field of education is for:girls and boys
Conclusion:School leaving examination = A-levels
Provided training:secondary education with A-levels
Recieved certificates:certificate of A-levels
drivers license A, B, T (for a fee)

Characteristics of the course - field of education with A-levels

Curriculum ensures for graduates secondary education with A-levels. Focus of study is in compulsory vocational subjects and the specific focus is provided in elective subjects. The graduate can work with information on ecology and landscape protection and environment. He can use computer technology in processing and administrative and organizational task of professional. He is ready for field work. He is able to collect and samples and suggest and implement measures to prevent accidents if necessary. After A-levels he can study at Universities.

Asserting of graduates

Graduate of this course is able to perform professional work and activities in the state and local administration and in private sector (energy, agriculture, in forestry and water management. He is expected to find job in environmental departments, in companies dealing with environmental protection and production of environmental facilities.

Practical training

is mainly in the field, in the protected areas . Students cooperate with experts in nature and landscape protection. Our students remove invasive plants, perform new planting and liquidate small waste dumps. They visit caves in the Moravian karst, produce and place bird-boxes and observe and identify plants. Older students go to field trips to interesting places such as Šumava, National park Podyjí, Pálavské hills…